Automated Surf Reports Send Daily Voice Message Alerts

Surf offers beach enthusiasts the option to set up automated surf reports via our voice messaging service.

Summer is approaching rapidly and the weather is a key factor for a day of surfing at the beach. Daily climate and conditions at the beach are unpredictable and that is where comes in to play. Our automated surf reports are capable of sending voice messages to surfers who opt-in, alerting them of the beach conditions on a daily basis.

Cities, towns, states, businesses, and environmental organizations can set up an automated surf report system in a matter of minutes. Upon creating an account with, you would then offer your service to local surf shops and on various websites pertaining to the sport. Have your customers leave their phone # at the register in your surf shop, email it to you or create a custom opt-in form on your website.

Everyone that opted in to your automated surf reports would then receive the voice message alerts that you create and send out – you have to add their phone numbers into your AutomatedCalls contact list. Instead of surfers having to call in to a hotline every morning, they would automatically receive the surf conditions, weather forecast, tide schedule and any other information you feel valuable to a great day at the beach.

Start sending out automated surf reports via voice message alerts today by signing up for an account with


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