Hurricane Season 2012 Text Message Alerts

Hurricane season 2012 is underway and it is important to be prepared should disaster strike in your city.

Automated Calls offers text message alerts on top of their extremely efficient voice broadcasting service. During the 2012 hurricane season it is important for your local city and town to be prepared for the worst. Severe weather alerts can send out notifications in cases of extreme situations such as a direct hit by a tropical storm or hurricane.

Evacuations that are due to extreme tropical storms and hurricanes need to be sent out in a quick and efficient manner and Automated Calls can do just that. Whole cities, towns and states can sign up for an account and set up automated text message alerts that can be sent out to thousands of residents in a matter of seconds – warn people to take shelter before the storm hits!

Import a list of local residents and then set up your very own SMS keyword. Citizens of your town/city/state can then opt-in to receive the hurricane season text message alerts by texting your keyword to our shortcode or by signing up on your local website.

For example, to opt-in to sever weather text message alerts, a citizen would text “HURRICANE” to 80123 and that would add their phone number to the towns Automated Calls contact list.

Make sure you are prepared for Hurricane Season 2012 by setting up text message alerts with Automated Calls!


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