Automated Calls Send Wedding Invitations, Party Reminders

wedding is perfect for wedding and event planners to send out thousands of invitations in a matter of seconds.

Planning for a wedding is probably one of the most stressful things a bride, groom, their family and the wedding planner that they hired. The last thing on their minds is inviting everyone to their “big day” and with the traditional paper invitations, it’s a painstakingly long process. What if you could send out a wedding invitation via voice message?

AutomatedCalls offers wedding planners (and party planners) the ability to send thousands of guests a custom voice message, inviting them to their clients (bride/groom) big event. Our system will then allow the wedding planner to receive responses and check them via their control panel within our website.

Here’s a breakdown of how it would work: The wedding planner can import their bride and grooms friends and family that need to be invited to the wedding. From there they will create a custom recording (their invite) and can offer the option for their guests to reply. The custom invitational voice message would say: “You are invited to Bob and Jenny’s wedding on October 1, 2011 – Press ‘1’ if you are attending or ‘2’ if you are unable to make it. Thank you!” Once the message meets the bride and grooms approval, the wedding planner can send it to everyone on the invite list, instantly.

It doesn’t end there though! With AutomatedCalls’ mass notification system, the wedding planner will now be able to see the replies that the guests have given to the voice message that they sent out. You are instantly able to see who replied with yes and no – this makes planning a wedding a thousand times easier.

Don’t rely on snail mail anymore for sending out wedding invitations. Sign up for AutomatedCalls today and start using our mass notification system to plan your big events today.


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