Emergency Notifications for Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

earthquakeAutomatedCalls.com offers the perfect solution for severe weather alerts; be prepared the next time mother nature unleashes her wrath.

The ability to send out thousands of voice or text messages in an instant is key for any emergency alert system.  Perfect examples of situations in which AutomatedCalls and their mass notification system can be used is Hurricane Irene or the earthquakes that happened in Virginia and Colorado yesterday. What started off as a tropical disturbance quickly moved into a depression, tropical storm and now it is a constantly intensify storm. Out of no where, an earthquake rattled New York, Washington D.C. And Virginia. Don’t be caught off-guard, use Automated Calls to set up an emergency notification system, just in case you targeted by natures wrath. How exactly can AutomatedCalls.com help your community deal with natural disasters?

A mass notification system is perfect for small communities, municipalities and organizations to help contact all of their members, quickly and efficiently. With the danger that a hurricane, earthquake or tropical storm can cause, it is key to be prepared. After signing up for AutomatedCalls.com, you simply import a list of every phone number that you would need to contact, should an emergency arise. From that point, you can record a message that gives details on an evacuation route, shelters and any other information you find pertinent to the emergency at hand. Within seconds, thousands of fellow citizens, group members or co-workers can be notified with your voice message [or text message]. Don’t rely on the age old phone tree system for emergency notifications. AutomatedCalls offers and extremely efficient, affordable and reliable service that could in fact save lives.


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