AutomatedCalls Launches Real Estate Text Message Marketing Service

real estate text message is proud to announce that they now offer real estate text message marketing to help aid agents in the sale of properties.

It’s no secret that the real estate industry has been suffering over the past few years and is eagerly trying to get back on its feet. AutomatedCalls hopes to help property managers and real estate agents sell more homes with their real estate text message marketing. How exactly can this mass notification system help sell houses?

The concept is quite simple, easy to use and extremely efficient. Text message marketing allows real estate agents to sway away from the traditional “FOR SALE” sign in the front yard of the property they are trying to sell. Once they are all signed up for AutomatedCalls, agents may set up a special SMS keyword to place on their newly redesigned signs. Instead of having little paper fliers with information regarding the house on the sign, agents may now simply put the following: “Text ‘HOME1020’ to 17837 for More Information.”

Once the potential home buyer texts the above message, they will instantly receive information on the property they are interested in. On top of that, real estate agents can have a link sent as well that gives a virtual tour of the house. Lastly, everyone that texts the SMS keyword to the shortcode will be added to a contact list. This allows the real estate agents to keep track of who is interested in what property and make followup phone-calls.

Don’t waste any time, head over to and sign up for their real estate text message marketing today!


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