Automated Calls versus Traditional Phone Tree

automated callsHow are automated calls better than the ancient group contact method known as the phone tree?

A phone tree is how large groups such as local churches and sports leagues used to contact each other. Automated Calls have brought the old phone tree system into the modern age. Organizations no longer have to delegate a list of who is going to call who should a message need to get out. (Phone tree method) By using a mass notification system such as, one person, let’s say the pastor of a church, can send out a voice message to the entire congregation in a matter of seconds. You no longer have to worry about some of the people not getting your message because one of the phone tree contacts dropped the ball.

AutomatedCalls gives you the power to import all of your contact phone numbers and send everyone a voice / text message instantly, from any web browser or touch-tone phone. Our system also allows you to check the status of every single call from any web browser. Make sure everyone who was supposed to get the message does; nobody should be left out.

Keep in mind that phone trees still work but with the extremely low price and efficiency that mass notification systems (Automated Calls) offer; it only makes sense to use them over the old school phone trees.


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