Product Recall Notifications Are Key for Any Business

product recallsHarness the power of Automated Calls to make your product recall notifications easy and efficient.

There are times when even the best of products fail. They fail to satisfy the customers or fail to perform what they are supposed to do. In times like these, manufacturers are stressed to the limit and placed in a tight predicament. Such occurrences can cause losses and/or damages which, more often than not, could reach millions of dollars in value. In some cases, company closures and bankruptcy can result from these unfortunate situations. Even, the best company rules with stringent policies on quality control can suffer product failure due to defects or deficiencies. The good old Murphy’s Law applies to all, whether the companies are big or small. In all business operations, something can go wrong. Since this is true, the system for recall notifications must be in place before such untoward events occur. AutomatedCalls makes product recall notifications simple, easy and efficient. Customers must be immediately made aware by prompt notifications before the product defects can cause any damage. If damage has already been done, advance information can lessen its effect to the minimum possible.

In the field of medicine, oftentimes products can be abused. Decades ago, a very effective product against cough and colds was used deliberately by addicts to get intoxicated. The product was gradually pulled out from the market. Other past incidences causing great damages include the production of a fake product by unscrupulous businessmen riding on the popularity of a leading brand. In protecting the integrity of its popular leading brand, the company issued recall notifications to all drug retailers, asking that they return all stock on hand for immediate replacement. After the recall, they promptly replaced all stocks with a new fresh bunch of products with new labels and packaging. The company spent millions in identifying and discarding the counterfeit products. Recently, an incident of product abuse came to light, when the death of a superstar singer was suspected to be in part caused by misuse of a legitimate drug. This only shows that the drug industry will always have this perennial problem of drugs being misused or abused. The only way to combat this problem is to have a ready system of spreading information. With AutomatedCalls, such tasks are no longer impossible to achieve. Send out mass voice / text messages to hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of seconds, alerting them of the product recalls.

In the automotive industry, product recall notifications are becoming common occurrences. Strict laws focusing on safety features have stretched car designs to the upper limit of safety consciousness. Still, after further tests made on cars sold in the market, some defects are discovered. Defective car parts are therefore replaced with new ones. The system of recall in the car industry is relatively easier than in the drug industry. Information on car owners and their addresses are usually on file and can be easily retrieved or produced by the car dealership network nationwide. As long as their phone number is on file, Auotmated Calls can deliver quick custom voice / text messages to the vehicle owners regarding the product recalls. is a great mass messaging service that your business can use when it comes to sending out hundreds of thousands of product recall notifications.


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