Advantages of Emergency SMS Alert System (text messages)

emergency sms alert allows you to set up an emergency SMS alert system to send out text messages to your entire neighborhood, instantly.

Emergency SMS Alert System (text messages) is one of the most powerful and fastest emergency notification-delivery systems today. It simply sends emergency alerts as text messages (short message service or SMS) to the subscribers’ cell phones. It is a massive life-saving emergency alert system that provides numerous receivers with a wide range of emergency alerts in just a few seconds.

The subscriber to AutomatedCalls’ Emergency SMS Alert System can receive lots and wide range of emergency alerts and updates on the following:

  • campus
  • traffic
  • community, town and city
  • statewide
  • nationwide
  • extreme weather system
  • public health-related
  • crime and disasters

Using Automated Calls for an sms alert sytem will bring more benefits compared to other alert systems. Some of which are listed below:

  • Easy
  • Accessible
  • Fast and guaranteed delivery
  • Convenience
  • Cost-saving
  • Accurate and updated
  • Security
  • Wide range of alerts features

The subscriber receives alert messages directly into his / her cell phone with little or no efforts at all. The message or sets of messages will be received right away after announcement from the local or even national authorities. The alert delivery is guaranteed wherever the receiver is at the moment of announcement and notification. It is more practical and economical to receive alerts through SMS. The SMS alert is updated, reliable, with details and round the clock connections. Received alert messages can also be forwarded to non-subscribers.

Much of the benefits and advantages of their Emergency SMS Alert System (text messages) can be seen in specific situations and scenarios. Even if the electricity is unavailable, the pre-charged cellular phones can continuously receive emergency alerts. Preparation and evacuation could be done quickly and organized by local authorities in case of extreme weather conditions such as cyclones or hurricanes. Relief goods and operations can be greatly facilitated in areas where traffic alerts have been updated and an aid alert has been sent out for support and back up from emergency department personnel.

Parents, students, teachers and school authorities can come up with faster and well-planned actions and solutions regarding school-related emergencies if they are quickly informed by a district superintendent, whether it is a school closure, school delayed opening, or school early or late dismissal due to bad weather conditions such as heavy and intense snow days.

With AutomatedCalls and their Emergency SMS Alert System, local and national authorities can reach millions of residents and send them out emergency warnings in no time in case of terrorist attacks, widespread crimes, or nationwide epidemics. All citizens and all departments’ personnel will be well-informed by a single SMS emergency alert originated from the national administration officials’ announcements.

Crime solving and prevention would be greatly improved by collaboration of all concerned agencies and institutions brought about by a quick and detailed SMS alerts on road situations from traffic and police departments.

Using Automated Calls and their sms alert system will benefit a lot of people in the countryside and in places where there is no computer and where the local media is inaccessible. The only thing needed in order to receive a quick, updated and detailed emergency alert is a cell phone ready to receive the alert message from their Emergency SMS Alert System (text messages).


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