Automated Calls – Make Life Easier with a Parent Notification System

parent notification systemBusy parents can now make their lives easier by using automated calls for a parent notification system.

As parents, how will you know when school a activity such as a sports event is cancelled? You are probably one of the parents who usually undergo last minute cramming, preparing for your children’s things in school only to find out that the activity is cancelled or delayed. Or maybe you are one of those parents who spend hours on the phone trying to contact the person in charge just to be informed about today’s agenda. Such instances are really annoying and could even cause tension among members of the family. AutomatedCalls changes all of that with their parent notification system.

School administrators also had a hard time in reaching every parent. Just imagine how many parents should be informed about the sports event’s cancellations, delays, change of venue or even last minute schedule change; and add to the fact that this must all be done immediately to prevent unwanted occurrences.

The number of parents involved made it impracticable for schools to contact each and everyone. In order to address this problem, schools have employed the power of technology to communicate to all parents and to inform them about the status of any school activity. This is where Automated Calls and their parent notification system comes into play.

With just one automated voice / text message by, every parent will be informed of the current situation that may affect their children’s school event. It frees the parents from worrying and the school administrators from the hassle of contacting numerous parents. In effect, the system promotes a healthy relationship between the parents and the schools. It is such a relief to be informed at once so that they can focus on other important matters that need their attention.

Automated Calls and their mass notification system can handle almost 10,000 calls per minute. It is the school which utilizes this kind of phone messaging service and the parents will have to give their correct contact numbers. Aside from its immediate accomplishment of the purpose, it also gives the school pecuniary benefit. The service is cost effective and takes the place of paper and postage charges. School administrators are guaranteed that their messages are received by parents on time.

Many schools are already on board and using a parent notification system to alert parents of important matters regarding school events. Automated Calls work by recording a message and sending this message through voice and/or text message to everyone concerned.

The parent notification system is not limited to sports events though, it is usually employed to meet announcement needs relative to school sports activity. It also extends to any kind of school announcements, emergencies, absences or tardiness of students or any matters that need parent’s attention.


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