Using Automated Calls for Schools, Churches and Non-Profit Organization Member Notifications

automated calls schoolHow can you use Automated Calls for your non-profit organization?

There is just so much that Automated Calls can do for you. The possibilities are endless. The service that it offers can benefit virtually anyone who has a phone and an account on, be it a single person inviting his friends over to a dinner, or to a major company reminding all of its thousand employees about the annual celebration of its foundation day. You can even use it for a simple Christmas greeting. And the best part is that its FREE.

The number of organizations and institutions using automated calls has a very wide range. Schools, colleges, universities use it to send reminders and other messages. Small and big businesses use it to remind its employees about important meetings. Churches and other religious and spiritual organizations use it for prayer requests and for raising funds. And it can even be used to send non-profit organization member notifications.

If you are a member or a leader of non-profit organizations whether it is a small community night watch team or even a member of an organization that is even as large as PETA, Greenpeace, or any other large non-profit organization, then availing of the services of Automated Calls will definitely be of great use to your organization. Sending multiple notifications through phone calls (and even text messages or emails) to members of non-profit organizations is very essential if this organization is to survive and remain actively working towards its dedicated cause.

The service that Automated Calls provides is even more needed if the organization consists of more than a hundred members because not only will it save the time taken by sending messages or making phone calls one by one to its members, it also saves a lot of costs by reducing the money spent on making phone calls. Not only that, getting AutomatedCalls for non-profit organizations will also save a significant amount of your mobile phone’s electrical energy because it will send those phone calls for you. That’s a plus for non-profit organizations advocating the cause of reducing wasted energy. also helps the leaders send non-profit organization member notifications through send phone calls that remind its member about coming important meetings. They can also use its service to notify its members about upcoming seminars and other important activities, especially those that rely on the number of members that are going to participate in it. Automated Calls can also be used to send messages to its members regarding fund-raising activities. If the organization is a small one, like a community night watch team or a homeowners’ organization, the free service that Automated Calls provides is enough for it – no costs, and just enough to send 25 members a 30 second message every once a week. Examples of these messages may include a notification of who is going to be in-charge of the night watch for what day, or information about an incoming homeowners’ meeting of a certain nature.


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