Automated Calls: Free, Easy To Use Mass Notification System

free automated makes mass notification systems extremely easy to use and best of all, free!

With respect to cutting the costs of both time and money in building a mass notification system, nothing beats the support that AutomatedCalls can offer in this venture. Automated calls allow its users to send multiple phone calls to a multitude of receivers. It even allows its users to send these notifications in the form of a text message or email in case that one needs to communicate with them in different mediums. Building and supporting mass notification systems for any form of organization is of our service. Record a message for one time and send it to an entire phone number list instantly– that’s what you call mass notification.

There are several types of uses when it comes to Automated Calls and its mass notification system. A school can notify the parents about the distribution of report cards, upcoming meetings, or of school emergencies, or when emergencies happen like if – God forbid – a campus shooting happens. Community night watch organizations can use this to notify its neighborhood to cooperate and inform them if they have seen a suspicious character of a certain description. They can also use to remind its members of who stands at what post and on what day.

Churches and other religious or spiritual organizations can use to communicate with its members about prayer requests, special events, or a fund-raising activity. Sports game organizers, team managers, and coaches can use automated calls to remind its team members or the parents of its members on certain things like upcoming trainings or meetings and what to bring on that day, cancellations of sporting events due to certain reasons like rainouts, or send memorable pictures that could strengthen the team’s solidarity. Since not everybody is being kept up to date, AutomatedCalls can also be used to notify the public about certain emergencies such as a threat of an incoming hurricane or thunderstorm, tornadoes, earthquakes, or threats of tsunamis especially for beach resorts.

Small, medium, or big businesses can our service to remind its employees about important dates such as the date of recounting the inventories or important sales meetings. It can provide this kind of service even for major corporations that needs to notify its employees that counts in the thousands. But not only is Automated Calls suitable for a mass notification system, it can as well be used to remind or invite your friends for a party or any other event that you are planning.

Aside from saving your self or the business from the trouble of cutting the cost of time that can be taken by calling people one by one, Automated Calls also allow you to save call costs because it is not based on a dollar per second of call basis. Rather, it is based on credit per 30 second-rate. The more credits that you have the lower the cost per credit would be, starting from 4.5 cents per credit to even up to 1.25 cents per credit. This kind of discount depends on the volume of credits that you purchase, and these credits do not expire so purchasing a higher volume of credits can be practical even if you are not using their mass notification system for corporate purposes.


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