Plan Summer Picnics, Events and Other Fun Stuff with Automated Calls

automated callsMake sure your Summer picnics and pool parties go off without a hitch by using AutomatedCalls.

Summer picnics, special events and pool parties are some of the most enjoyable activities to share with family and friends. With its usual staples that include food, booze, games, gossip, and a myriad of party freebies, these special occasions never wear out their novelty. Regardless of sex, age, or religion people are forever avid fans of these light-hearted engagements because after all, amidst all the hustle and bustle of everyday living, everyone truly deserves a break occasionally. Automated Calls can help you make sure your one shot at fun goes off without a hitch.

But as much fun as it is to the guests, those that organize such affairs are oftentimes bombarded with lots of event detail-related pressures that are sometimes too stressful to handle. From suitable dates to appropriate venues, themes to guest lists, even the most appetizing menu to the utterly engaging music, the extensive checklist for an event planner can be rather intimidating, especially for the novice’s eyes. That being said, event organizers across the country need not fret for a new innovation in instant messaging (Automated Calls) has finally been introduced to lessen the burdens of the trade, at least when it comes to promotion and guest correspondence.

AutomatedCalls is a website with an instant simultaneous multiple-recipient messaging system. In a matter of minutes, an event planner can reach up to 200,000 individuals thus maximizing the impact of his or her relayed voice or text message. Whether it’s a concert, play, art exhibit, summer picnic, pool party, etc., this service can be undeniably useful for a wide range of purposes. Ticket sales, guest invites, change of event details, follow-ups, all these tasks can be accomplished through the aid of this cutting-edge technology, allowing event and party gurus to focus on the other requirements of their newest creative venture.

Moreover Automated Calls allows its subscribers to choose between free and premium packages which makes the service useful for a wide array of customers and patrons. From devoted moms to professional party planners, as well as small scale entrepreneurs to big event agencies, this service can definitely deliver to the unique requirements of its target market. aims to maximize technology by offering it to people who are in need of technology’s fullest potential. Whether these are the paying patrons or the opposite, the website never discriminates.

Staging any summer picnic, pool party or event, whatever the scale is, can truly be a demanding job. Worst comes to worst, the challenge doesn’t end in the planning; it only starts there. In fact, the true measure of a successful planned recreational affair depends on the number of the guests who shows up and of course, the satisfaction that these guests eventually derive from the experience.

It is given that special picnics and events are fun activities for the attendees. But the same can’t always be applicable to those who organize them. Although, the silver lining is, there are many means and avenues to make the job of any event and party organizer less stressful and more rewarding. It all boils down to determining which methods work (Automated Calls) and which should be considered as obsolete.


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